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Backstage images At we believe in capturing the essence of your production not just simply taking pictures to record it. Many theatre and stage productions can take months of planning, preparations, rehearsals and down right hard work, all of which we are aware of when it comes to photographing the live performance.

One of the great delights of theatre photography is the magic of the stage as it creates a whole new world which unfolds minute by minute.

Whatever your production be it dance, drama, music, comedy we will capture it in full high resolution images using top of the range equipment.

We can attend both the full dress rehersals and live show performances with one, two or three camera setups (one main camera with the others controlled remotely). We are also very good at being discrete and quiet so you won't even know we're there.

Whether you want the images for promoting your theatre production or simply to give to the parents of the kids on stage, we can help and make it happen.

Back stage, Foyer and After Show Pictures, Cast and Performer Images

Backstage images

Back Stage Pictures

As well as shooting the stage performance we can also photograph the back stage activity too if required, taking candid journalistic type images of the excitement, buzz and energy that goes on backstage prior to the performance.

Foyer and After Show Meet and Greets Pictures

After show 'meet and greets' are becoming more popular with many show performers and producers where performers meet some of the audience (often for a whole host of different reasons; CD sales, book promotions, PR, etc.). These after show events are a great photo oportunity and one we would be happy to capture for you.

Cast and Performer Pictures

We can also take pictures of the entire cast or individual performers either before or after show performances. These can be done on stage, back stage, during rehersals or if preferred we can come to your headquarters / rehersal rooms and do them there. We know that schedules can be tight and we aim to fit in around your needs - flexability is our keyword.

Quality images for quality productions