January 2016

Hi everyone,
It's been while since my last update but you've probably noticed that the site has changed again. Yes, not my fault this time. We had to change it to make it more mobile friendly and thankfully all the work has now been done -- hope you all like the new layout / colours etc. If not drop me a mail and let me know what you'd like changing or indeed any ideas to make things better.
Apart from the new web site I have a stack of new images to add, so keep an eye on the portfolio section. In particular some images from the Kabaret Ani Mru Mru show. If you're not Polish you may not have heard of these guys. They are excellent comedians and the show was completely sold out. Don't forget you can always come and say hello if you're visiting the theatre - it's been great meeting so many new people these last few months and hearing their kind words of support for my work. Thanks to everyone.

August 2015

Hi everyone,
Well as promised, the Theatre & Stage section of the site has been opened. I've added a few images but will be uploading more as time goes by.
There are a host of exciting new shows lined up for the Autumn / Winter season at the Albany and if you're going to see any of them, please feel free to say hello, you can usually find me towards the rear of the theatre. Until then, take care.

June 2015

Hi everyone,
What a fantastic month June has turned out to be. There have been some amazing shows at the theatre during May / June all of which have been keeping me very busy. There's been Karl Loxley - his first ever concert, Nicki Gillis from Australia with her 'Ladies Rock' Tour and of course many other great shows.
A lot of people have been asking when am I going to put the images on the site, well, I will be opening a new section on the site soon which will be called 'Theatre & Stage' to showcase some of the images.


Workshops 2016

Hi everyone,
I did run a couple of workshops last year (2015) and am looking to build on their success for 2016. We are still working out the deatils of what to run and when and this will depend on the general interest raised. The wildflower workshops general start around May and last for a whole day (about 6 - 8 hours). We normally start in the car park of a local nature reserve here in Coventry which has a large lake full of swans, ducks and a few other waterbound birds as well a large selection of wildflowers. There are even a few horses on private ground nearby.
Workshops are normally limited to about 4 people per session and include an over view of equipment, how to shoot in bright sunlight, getting down and dirty to where the flowers are, and of course lots and lots of questions.
The workshops are suitable for all ages and skill levels and the park is also dog friendly. There is a canal side pub nearby for those who fancy a meal and a pint or just bring along your own.
If the weather is good what better way to spend a summers day then amongst the flowers and bees.

If you are interested in attending one of the workshops please email me and I will send you details nearer the time.
Workshops will only be run if there is enough interest, so please do let me know if you are interested.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Bands / Groups / Musicians / Drama

Hi everyone,
As part of my stage and performing arts work I am really keen to collaberate with bands / musicians / drama groups / dancers / etc.
I have worked within a large range of the performing arts and also across a wide diversity of skill sets from amateurs to celebreties.
If you're looking for something different to make you stand out and be seen then lets work together to make it happen.
Images can be used for a whole range of purposes from facebook all the way through to large glossy promotional posters.
If you would be interested in working with me please drop me a mail.
Talk to me and lets see what we can do.